Water Feature Installation South St. Paul

Looking through home improvement magazines, window shopping for inspirational landscaping ideas and decorative yard pieces, you’ve probably come across a string of photos of water features. Although water features often appear to be luxury landscaping items, they’re the type of landscaping feature that adds character and value to your home without you having to spend more than the addition is worth to you. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we specialize in helping home and business owners in the South St. Paul, Minnesota area create the home of their dreams, right down to the fountain in their front yard and the cascade feature in their office. Because the possibilities for water features are virtually endless, they offer a unique addition to any home, and when you come to Cedar Creek Landscaping, you can be sure that your custom water feature will be as simple or intricate as you choose.

Backyard Waterfalls, Streams, and Ponds

One of the most unique aspects of water features is their ability to stand alone or function as a water system, working together with several water features. We’ve installed everything from a simple pond with one small pool of water surrounded by rocks to entire water feature systems beginning with a stream that filters into a waterfall that empties into a large pond. With water features, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination, and if you’re just looking for a stone wall with a small cascade or an entire stream to waterfall to pond water feature system, Cedar Creek Landscaping has the experience to bring your dream water features to life.

Decorative Fountains and Impressive Cascades

If you’re someone who loves water features, your dream home wouldn’t be complete without some landscaping marvel that would put your deepest home improvement desires to rest. If you’re looking for a dramatic landscaping effect, fountains and cascades attracts the most attention, as they’re the least common, and generally most unique water features. Although waterfalls, streams, and ponds are beautiful and add to the aesthetic of any home, fountains and cascades offer a dramatic addition, drawing the eyes of neighbors and visitors. If you’re looking for an intricate fountain or cascade to bring attention to your home, or even just a small fountain that more subtly accents your home’s design and landscape, we’ll be able to meet your needs perfectly with our water feature designs.

South St. Paul Water Feature Landscaping Ideas

If you’re interested in installing a new water feature, or even a water feature system at your South St. Paul home, don’t write off the idea without giving it a second thought. Let Cedar Creek Landscaping turn your home into your dream home with our intricately designed water features, made as simple or complex as you’d like. If you need inspiration, take a look at our past projects, or contact us at (651) 324-8144 or cedarcreekls@hotmail.com to start drafting water feature landscaping ideas for your home.


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