Retaining Wall Installation St. Paul

Retaining Wall Installation St. Paul Cedar Creek LandscapingWhen you’re looking retaining wall installation to add to the aesthetic or functional value of your property, it’s important to invest in a quality landscaping company that can meet all of your needs. Often times, this means that you’ll need a landscaping company that knows how to build outdoor additions that will complement your property and add to its functionality.

At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we want to be the Minnesota landscaping company that can meet all of your needs, including building structural additions like retaining walls. When you’re in need of a retaining wall, it’s usually not simply an aesthetic choice but a necessity. Whether it’s to protect the soil surrounding plant life or to keep the soil on your property in its place, a retaining wall can easily be more useful than it is aesthetically pleasing.

Lucky for you, at our landscaping company, we’re in the business of designing and installing quality retaining walls, which means that you can have more than just a new addition to your property’s design.

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Retaining Wall Installation Uses

If you’re wondering whether you should invest in a retaining wall for your property, it’s important to think about the uses and benefits. They can be beautiful aesthetic additions to any home or business, if installed by the right landscapers, but they’re often more popular because of their usefulness. For yards with steep slopes, or yards that slope down to sidewalks or roadways, retaining walls are often desirable to keep the soil from eroding away.

Soil close to sidewalks and roads tends to get swept away, which means that your yard slowly fades into the area where it ends, whether that be a sidewalk, driveway, or road. They help ensure that your lawn is protected, and you won’t have to worry about scooping up dirt from the edge of your lawn. They can also be useful in keeping plant life healthy, ensuring that your flowerbeds, garden, or even trees aren’t losing soil to a sloping terrain.

Retaining Wall Planning & Site Preparation
Once you’ve determined what use your retaining wall will serve, it’s time to begin planning the design that’s right for your property. Retaining walls vary in height, depth, length, material, and overall design, so yours can look virtually any way you’d like. We will help you create a design for your property that can complement the design of your home or business, blend it with other landscaping elements, or become a unique design element that will stand out against the rest of your property.

Whatever you decide, we will be sure that your property is prepared in advance, ready for the building process. We will clear the area that we will be building the wall on, creating a space that’s leveled enough to be secure, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Retaining Wall Materials
Your landscaping should complement or contrast your property as much as the materials you choose to use can make your retaining wall entirely unique. That’s why we offer a variety of landscape building materials – so that you can have exactly the design you’d like.

Custom-Designed Retaining Walls
Retaining walls can be as intricate or plain as you choose, accenting your home with modest and subtle designs or incorporating new and unique design elements into your property. We can make a functional wall that works to keep your soil where it belongs while also making it a functional landscaping element. You don’t have to be inconvenienced or go out of your way to design your entire landscape around your retaining wall. Instead, we’ll help you create a design that can either blend in or stand out on your property, and we can work a retaining wall into the landscape design you already have.

With custom elements like multi-level retaining walls and retaining wall stairs, you won’t have to worry about compromising; you get exactly the retaining wall you want.

Commercial and Residential Retaining Wall Installation
At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we install both residential and commercial retaining walls, providing practical and beautiful solutions to meet your landscaping needs. No matter why you’re in the market for a retaining wall builder, we’re here to ensure that you can have a custom-designed retaining wall at your home or business that will meet all of your expectations for design, convenience, and utility.

For more information about Cedar Creek Landscaping and our twin cities retaining wall services please contact us at 651-324-8144. If you’d like a free estimate on specific services, please click here.

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