Custom Patios and Walkways St. Paul, MN

Custom Patios and Walkways St. Paul, MNWith Custom Patios and Walkways by Cedar Creek Landscaping, you can greatly enhance the outdoor beauty and functionality of your home or business. Our custom patio designs are breathtaking and are great for your home or business.

Our residential and commercial walkways give you the perfect route throughout your outdoor landscaping.

Working with both modern and classical designs, our team is able to bring your style to life so that your property takes on your personality. We have many choices regarding both patios and walkways so that you get the right fit for your property and your style.

We work with home and business owners throughout the St. Paul and Minneapolis area. We help our clients to consider all of the benefits that come with installing a custom patio or walkway. Our team is ready to work with you to help you come up with the perfect design to fit your needs and budget.

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Residential Pavers, Patios and Walkways

Whether you want to add a natural stone or paver patio or have a more basic concrete design, our hardscaping team is ready to help you create eye-catching residential walkways and patios that are sure to dramatically improve the look, feel, and value of your home. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you when it comes to finding the best fit for your property. You have many options when it comes to having a patio installed.

Beyond the first choice of concrete slab or paver, you can choose the type of paver such as brick, concrete, natural stone, and more. You can choose to have a wall built to separate it from the rest of the yard or keep it open. And you can add elements like fire features, water features, and an outdoor kitchen.

We can also build custom BBQs so that you can grill like the champ you are. Imagine sitting out on your new patio, the sun going down, enjoying some good food and laughter with friends and family. It’s a great feeling. And to top it all off, you can have walkways going throughout the property, connecting the front and backyard, and the house to the sidewalk. If you can see it, we can make it happen.

Commercial Patios and Walkways
Whether you want a courtyard for your office complex or you want a welcoming patio for your restaurant and grill, Cedar Creek Landscaping can design and install something that fits your needs and your budget. If you want a paver patio or concrete patio, we will provide you with a beautiful one that will enable you to use it just as you have in mind.

Give us a call and we will meet with you to discuss your needs and how you want it to be used. Then we will design a patio for you and get to work on installing it.

If you want any walkways to clearly mark paths and guide people where you want them to go, we will install those, too.

Patios and Walkways Installation St. Paul
The custom look created by our unique patios and walkways are capable of completely altering the look of your outdoor space while also adding considerable value and tremendous enjoyment to your property. Using only the finest in paver and natural stone products, our team ensures you are left with a beautiful walkway and patio that complements your home or business and gardens.

For more information about Cedar Creek Landscaping and our different styles of twin cities pavers, patios and walkways please contact us at 651-324-8144. If you’d like a free estimate on specific services, please click here.

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