Patio Paver Installation St. Paul

Patio Paver Installation St. Paul MNLooking to improve your business property or home with patio paver installation? This can go a long way toward improving the aesthetic and utility of your entire property.

Whether you’re looking for additional outdoor space to use to relax, you’re in need of an outdoor space to entertain, or you’re looking to create an area that adds value or beauty to your property, you can’t go wrong with a paver patio.

At Cedar Creek landscaping, we want to help make sure you get the absolute right patio for you, designing custom paver patios that will fit the aesthetic of your property and be built to meet your exact needs – whatever they may be!

By working with you every step of the way, our landscape and patio contractors can ensure you get the patio of your dreams, beginning the process by listening to your needs and ideas and incorporating those into unique designs that you’ll approve. From there, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with every element of the design and building process from start to finish.

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Custom Patio Paver Installation and Designs

One of the benefits of working with Cedar Creek’s paver patio contractors is that we’re also landscape designers – that means that we don’t just know how to build; we know how to build well-designed, functional, durable, and beautiful landscape additions for any property. With custom paver patio options for you to choose from, you’ll get to choose the dimensions of your paver patio, the size and shape of the individual pavers used for your patio, the layout of your patio, the coloring, and of course the additional landscaping features to be added!

Patio Paver Landscaping Additions
As one of the many outdoor living structures we build, paver patios can be built with a variety of landscaping additions, ensuring that you get the most out of your new outdoor space. We can help you upgrade and improve your patio with useful and beautiful landscape features, and we’ll help you choose the best features for your needs and your budget.

Whether you’re looking to use your new paver patio as a place to cook, eat and entertain at home, you want to build an area that can be used by employees or clients at your business property, or you simply want a beautiful new addition to your property, a paver patio with the right additions can be anything you want it to be.

Our add-on landscape features, including:

  • Full outdoor kitchens, which can include refrigerators, ovens and stovetops, counter spaces for preparing food, trash areas, storage cabinets and drawers, lighting fixtures, sinks, and any other kitchen necessities you may need to entertain and eat outdoors.
  • Gazebos and pergolas, two scenic additions that offer shade, photo locations, and relaxing seating areas.
  • Fire features, including in-ground fire pits, above-ground fire pits, and fireplaces.
  • Water features like ponds, streams, waterfalls, cascades and aquatic gardens.

Paver Patios and Walkways
In addition to adding landscaping features to a paver patio to make it more useful and beautiful, our landscape contractors often build paver walkways to connect to patios, ensuring your property is more accessibly. Particularly for properties with large yards, to allow for access to a back patio from the side of a home, or to create pathways around a larger commercial property, a paver walkway to match a new patio may be the perfect addition to your landscape design.

Commercial and Residential Paver Patio Contractors
Whether you’re looking for a paver patio contractor for your home or your business property, you can’t go wrong with Cedar Creek. Our design landscapers and builders have years of experience tackling simple and difficult landscaping projects for residential and commercial properties alike, and we’ve learned that landscaping is both a science and an art form.

That’s why we work so closely with our customers – to ensure that whatever property we’re working on is getting the improvements needed to meet your desires and needs. Whether you’re simply looking to add aesthetic appeal to your property or you’re in need of a useful outdoor living space to add functionality to your property, we’ll be sure that you get just that with your new paver patio.

For more information about Cedar Creek Landscaping and our twin cities patio paver installation contractors please contact us at 651-324-8144. If you’d like a free estimate on specific services, please click here.

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