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St. Paul Landscaping Design Services by Cedar Creek LandscapingAre you looking for a landscaping design company that can do more than just build additions on your property? Do you want a landscaper who knows how to build the structures you want on your property and design those structures so that they’re beautiful and well-crafted? Then you’re looking for more than a landscape contractor; you’re looking for a landscape designer.

At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we have a team of landscape design contractors who work to help home and business owners get the landscapes of their dreams on a daily basis, designing functional and aesthetically pleasing landscapes that can complement any property. When we meet with you, we’ll talk about what you want your property to look like, how you want it to be used, and how we can use landscaping designs to accomplish those things.

From beginning to end, you’ll have the final say in all of the landscaping design decisions made for your property, and you’ll be able to imagine what your property will look like once it’s finished before we’ve even started! That way, you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you want at every step of the way.

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Landscaping Design and Building Outdoor Living Structures

A component of landscape design that often determines the location or presence of other landscape features is choosing the outdoor living structures you want to include on your property. With outdoor living structures, you’ll be able to choose where they’re located, how large they are, and what purpose they serve, and this often determines what you’re able to do with the remaining space on your property.

We recommend that you think about the outdoor living structures you want to build on your property before thinking of any other smaller additions you may want or need.

The outdoor living structures we design and build include:

  • Gazebos
  • Pergolas
  • Patios and walk-outs, including paver patios, cement patios, and more
  • Custom decks
  • Outdoor kitchens, which can be equipped with full refrigerators, sinks, ovens and stovetops, counter spaces, cabinetry, draws, additional storage, trash areas, lighting, eating areas, and more – everything you need to cook, eat, and entertain guests outside during the warmer months!

If you’re interested in building any of these outdoor living structures on your property, let us know, and we’ll help you determine the best dimensions, location, materials, features, and more so that you get exactly the living areas you want and need.

Water and Fire Feature Landscape Designs
In addition to outdoor living structures, we also design landscapes that include water features and fire features, which can stand alone on a property or be added to an outdoor living structure or other landscape features. Our landscape water features include ponds, streams, waterfalls, cascades, and aquatic gardens, and out fire features are in-ground and above-ground fire pits as well as fireplaces.

Each of these features can be added to a custom deck design, patio, outdoor kitchen area, and more – or you can design an entire landscape using a water or fire feature as the main attraction!

Boulder and Retaining Wall Landscape Additions
As a landscape company, we would be remiss if we didn’t build retaining walls or boulder walls – two crucial landscape features that many properties absolutely need. If your property is located on a downhill slant or your yard slopes off into a neighbor’s yard, your driveway, a parking lot, the roadside, a sidewalk, or otherwise, it’s important to be sure that your grass and soil are well-contained.

We’re able to construct sturdy retaining walls and boulder walls as well as aesthetic boulder walls to add character to your property. With a boulder or retaining wall, you can outline a garden area, parking lot, driveway, walkway, and other areas of a property; keep certain areas of your property off limits, and simply add a beautiful landscape feature that gives your property a natural look that many properties lack.

Commercial and Residential Landscape Designers
As a residential and commercial landscaping design company, we’ve worked on our fair share of large and small landscaping jobs, and we can safely say we’re equipped to tackle any project you throw our way. We’ll help you design a landscape that meets the needs and aesthetic character of your property by listening to what you want your property to look like.

From your own ideas, we’ll create a landscape design that you’ll absolutely love, complete with any outdoor living structures, retaining walls, fire features, water features, or other landscape features!

For more information about Cedar Creek Landscaping and our twin cities Landscaping Design Services please contact us at 651-324-8144. If you’d like a free estimate on specific services, please click here.

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