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Are you having trouble with an area of your St. Paul lawn that seems to wash away year after year? Well, you may be surprised to hear that you need a retaining wall. A retaining wall is a great way to prevent erosion and give you back some of that much needed landscape real estate in your yard. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, as a fully licensed landscape contractor, we can design and install a wide array of retaining walls to meet your needs.

Additional Benefits of Retaining Walls

Aside from the erosion benefits mentioned above there are several other reasons why you may want to install a retaining wall, including:

  • Expand usable space – Retaining walls can help to make unusable space usable again. Imagine meandering paths and walkways that lead to gathering spaces all supported by an intricate retaining wall installation.
  • Curb appeal – Retaining walls can also create a grand entrance to your St. Paul home. Easily provide terracing for planting flowers and other plantings while clearly defining an entrance to your property.
  • Improve drainage – If you have issues with drainage, a retaining wall can be installed along with a drainage system to keep soil and water in place.

Wide Range of Retaining Wall Materials

At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we can build retaining walls using a wide array of materials including interlocking concrete pavers as well as natural stone.

While strong materials are critical when installing a retaining wall, how a wall is installed is likely more important. It’s critical to work with a professional landscape contractor who understands proper drainage as well as how a property’s grade can figure into the retaining wall design.

Why Hire a St. Paul Landscape Contractor For Retaining Wall Installation?

As mentioned above, proper retaining wall installation can be quite difficult. In addition, heavy equipment is often used when excavating land prior to installation. For this reason, it’s critical that the landscaping company that you choose has ample experience installing retaining walls of all shapes and sizes. Be sure to ask for references, as well as pictures of previous jobs that the company has completed to ensure you’re not hiring someone that is using your retaining wall as a test bed.

Hire The Retaining Wall Pros at Cedar Creek Landscaping for Your Next Landscaping Project

At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we’ve been providing all sorts of exterior landscaping services, including retaining wall installation since 2004. In this time, we’ve worked hard at honing our craft and are confident that we can help to design and install a retaining wall on your property that will give you back some of the usable space that you’ve been missing. To get a free estimate for a new retaining wall, feel free to give us a call today at 651-324-8144.


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