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Since 2004, Cedar Creek Landscaping has been working with Twin Cities home and business owners to create breathtaking landscapes. We have the superior knowledge and skills necessary to help you create your ideal backyard or outdoor business space. Customers throughout the Twin Cities metro area have come to expect nothing but the very best in landscape services from our company. This has helped us become the number one choice for home and business owners looking for professional outdoor design and installation services. We don’t just design landscapes, we create lifestyles.

The entire crew at our landscaping company is ready to work hard for your yard. We can complete any of your projects efficiently and effectively. When you want to create a beautiful outdoor living space for your Minnesota home or business, you need to contact our landscaping experts.

Breathtaking Landscaping Services for Your Property

Fall in love with your outdoor space again by having our team transform it into your dream property. Our residential and commercial landscapers always offer high-quality services to our customers and work hard to build a lifelong relationship with you throughout the years.

It is our goal to help you design and create the perfect space for your outdoor area, regardless of your budget. From hardscapes to pergolas, the team at Cedar Creek Landscaping can build it all. When you are ready to start your next landscaping project, let our experts provide the professional services you need.

Exceptional Landscaping Services for Your Property

Whether you need some small landscaping work completed or want to start a large scale remodeling project, our team is here to help. Our crew specializes in all aspects of custom landscaping work, including:

Outdoor Living and Structures

Outdoor living spaces are highly sought-after, as many people want to be able to enjoy their limited outdoor time every year when the weather is comfortable. Whether you want a deck or new paver patio, a pergola or gazebo, we will design and install a quality, beautiful space for you to use and enjoy. After we install an outdoor space for you, you will be able to relax at ease with a place of your own. Not only will you enjoy it, but whoever buys the property next will enjoy it, too.

Outdoor Kitchens

If you want a full cooking space outside, so that you don’t have to be cooped up inside with a hot oven in July, our design and installation experts can help. There are many features and appliances that can be incorporated into an outdoor kitchen, and our team will work with you to determine which elements you need to have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. But no matter what we build, we’re sure the eating will be good when you start using your new kitchen.

Water Features

Water features can enhance any outdoor space, whether for a residential or commercial setting. Whether you want a new fountain or waterfall, stream or pond, we will design and build you something beautiful. And these can be installed with your existing landscape or as part of a new project.

Fire Features

Everyone loves to gather around a warm fire, whether it’s autumn, spring, or a 90 degree night in July. The design and installation experts at Cedar Creek will provide you with a beautiful and useful fire feature for your home or business. We have many options and custom features to choose from.

Landscape Contractor MN

Contact Cedar Creek Landscaping today to get your FREE ESTIMATE and start designing your dream outdoor space. Our team of professional residential and commercial landscapers provides high-quality project services to customers living throughout the Twin Cities, Minnesota Metro area.

Outdoor Living

Enjoy a cup of coffee with brunch under the sun or have a group of friends come over for an evening barbeque with the help of Cedar Creek Landscaping.

Fire Features

Cedar Creek Landscaping understands the cozy feeling fire features can bring to your outdoor environment. Fire features are a perfect edition for your home or business.

Outdoor Kitchens

Transform your backyard into the ultimate chef’s paradise with the help of the team at Cedar Creek Landscaping.

Patios & Walkways

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your landscape with the help of Cedar Creek Landscaping.


With a well thought-out plan for your backyard, Cedar Creek Landscaping can create outdoor structures that can add functionality to your property as well as value.

Water Feature

Add a fantastic water feature to your backyard with the help of Cedar Creek Landscaping. From beautiful rock waterfalls to elegant ponds, our design and landscaping team knows how to create it all.

Lawn Service

As a home or business owner you do not want your lawn or property to be greener on the other side of the street.


For many homeowners, a deck means freedom to be outside, regardless of the time of year, and enjoy the outdoors without leaving their homes.

Retaining Wall Installation

Whether it’s to protect the soil surrounding plant life or to keep the soil on your property in its place, a retaining wall can easily be more useful than it is aesthetically pleasing.

Patio Paver Installation

Our patio paver designers and builders have years of experience tackling projects for residential and commercial properties alike, and we’ve learned that landscaping is both a science and an art form.

Boulder Wall Installation

Not only are we expert builders who can craft sturdy boulder walls, we’re professional landscape designers who understand how to layout a property in the way that you want.

Landscaping Design

We have a team of landscape design contractors who work to help home and business owners get the landscapes of their dreams on a daily basis.

Paver Patios Offer Durability, Versatility

If you are considering a new patio or deck for your yard, a popular option is a paver patio.
Pavers make an excellent patio choice because of their lifespan, durability and appearance.
Homeowners can choose from several types of pavers. Pavers come in concrete, brick or stone.
Stone pavers — typically flagstone or fieldstone — lend a natural look to a patio and typically are the most expensive. They are extremely durable and stand up to the most extreme weather conditions. Paving bricks are kiln-fired clay pavers, also very strong and durable. They are known to last a lifetime and are considered resistant to stains. Brick pavers has a rich, lasting color that will not fade.
Concrete pavers are made of molded concrete mixed with aggregate. They are generally the least expensive pavers used for patios or walkways. While sturdy, they do not generally last as long as brick or stone pavers.