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Patio Fireplace installed by Landscapers in MNWhen you’re looking to add to the aesthetic or functional value of your property, it’s important to invest in a quality landscaping company that can meet all of your needs. Often times, this means that you’ll need a landscaping company that knows how to build outdoor additions that will complement your property and add to its functionality. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we want to be the St. Paul landscaping company that can meet all of your needs, including building structural additions like retaining walls. When you’re in need of a retaining wall, it’s usually not simply an aesthetic choice but a necessity. Whether it’s to protect the soil surrounding plant life or to keep the soil on your property in its place, a retaining wall can easily be more useful than it is aesthetically pleasing. Lucky for you, at our landscaping company, we’re in the business of designing and installing quality retaining walls, which means that you can have more than a functional retaining wall; you can have a new addition to your property’s design. Continue reading “St Paul Retaining Wall Builders”

Retaining Wall Construction for people around St Paul MN and the surrounding area

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Retaining Wall ContractorCedar Creek Landscaping has a team of professionals that design well thought-out plans for our backyard, or commercial property. We listen carefully for your needs and budget and also work with your property to create something that is specific to your wants and the functionality of the property. When working with us, we feel confident to say that you will be happy with our professionalism along with our custom designs, to build you the best looking property in St. Paul and surround area. We are ready to work with your budget, yard size, and style to create stunning designs that fit your space like a glove. Continue reading “Retaining Wall Construction for people around St Paul MN and the surrounding area”

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Lanscaped Block WallAre you having trouble with an area of your St. Paul lawn that seems to wash away year after year? Well, you may be surprised to hear that you need a retaining wall. A retaining wall is a great way to prevent erosion and give you back some of that much needed landscape real estate in your yard. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, as a fully licensed landscape contractor, we can design and install a wide array of retaining walls to meet your needs. Continue reading “Retaining Wall Installation St. Paul”