Front Yard Landscaping Designer

Front Yard Landscaping DesignerYour front yard is one of the first thing that your guests see when they visit your home. Cedar Creek Landscaping can help develop a design for your front yard that can highlight the beauty of your property as well as the architectural features of your home. This is a budget friendly way to improve the overall curb appeal of your home. We can plant flowers, shrubs and trees, build beds, aerate mow and edge your grass, add mulch, pull weeds and much more. If you have the space and are looking for something unique, we can also install a water feature, boulder or retaining wall. If you have a vision for your front yard, we can make it a reality. Continue reading “Front Yard Landscaping Designer”

Landscaping Plant Size Options in Minnesota

Landscaping Plant Size Options in MinnesotaMinnesota has a unique and often harsh climate. It can be extremely difficult to know how best to select landscaping options that will work on your property and thrive in our climate. Cedar Creek Landscaping specializes in landscaping services that include selecting the perfect plant types and sizes for your property. They can make sure the plants are planted at the best time of year to ensure optimal growth. Our team understands the Minnesota climate and what plants will do best here so that you do not have to. We can help you make the best choices for your lawn. Continue reading “Landscaping Plant Size Options in Minnesota”

Correct Size Landscaping

Correct Size Landscaping: Importance of a Properly Scaled Landscape DesignAt Cedar Creek Landscaping, we’re often asked to come give a landscaping estimate for homeowners who may have attempted to perform a DIY landscape installation in the past. While we commend homeowners for attempting to handle their own landscape installation on their own, occasionally this can cause big problems. One of the most common problems we see has to do with choosing the right type and size of plants based on a variety of factors. Continue reading “Correct Size Landscaping”