Fire Feature Installation St. Paul

St Paul Outdoor ContractorNow that it’s spring, you’re probably looking forward to spending more time outside, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the weather that we’ve spent months waiting for. But with spring comes chilly evenings and breezy afternoons, which can make enjoying your time outside difficult – especially if you’re hoping to spend longer than ten minutes outside! If you’re someone who loves to sit outside but don’t feel like you’re prepared to make use of your outdoor space because of the brisk spring weather, maybe it’s time to start thinking about adding a fire feature to your property. With a fire feature, you can start enjoying those backyard dinners and late nights spent outside without having to worry about being too cold, and as an added bonus, you’re sure to find some way to use a new fire feature to entertain yourself and your guests for months on end! At Cedar Creek Landscaping, our St. Paul, MN fire feature landscapers will help you choose the perfect fireplace or fire pit for your property, helping you make the most of your yard for years to come. Continue reading “Fire Feature Installation St. Paul”

Outdoor Living Structure Contractor

Erickson 1Home design and home improvement projects can be extensive, stressful undertakings. Especially when you move onto outdoor work, worrying about what types of outdoor living space you may have, what types of materials you’ll use on your property, and how you can use your available space to your advantage are all challenges you’ll encounter when looking into making outdoor improvements. Lucky for you, at Cedar Creek Landscaping, we want to help make designing an outdoor living space on your property easier and more enjoyable so that you don’t have to worry about how your property will look the way you want it; you just have to know that you want a change. Our outdoor living structure contractors work in Woodbury, St. Paul, and South St. Paul, MN to create beautiful outdoor living structures, helping homeowners all over have the homes they’ve always wanted. Continue reading “Outdoor Living Structure Contractor”

Fire Feature Installation St. Paul

Fire Pit and Paver PatioLandscaping company providing people around St. Paul with fire pits and other fire features. In Minnesota, we love the great outdoors. We understand what it is like to experience all four seasons, and how each one of them is absolutely beautiful. During the cold evenings in the winter, the damp spring, warm summer or crisp fall, a fire feature can make your outdoor living even better. Fire features are one of the most popular outdoor features in landscaping projects. A traditional backyard features a fireplace of fire pit to complete a gathering area.
Cedar Creek Landscaping is a landscaping company in St. Paul, Minnesota that offers the best design and fit for your building or home. We specialize in custom designs and are here to help you complete your dream project. Continue reading “Fire Feature Installation St. Paul”

Fire Pits Oakdale MN

Fire Pit and Paver PatioDo you ever wish you could sit around a fire any time you’d like? Do you want a way to stay warm outside, even during cold months of the year? With a fire pit, you can enjoy your outdoor space even more this year, and you’ll never have to go camping just to have S’mores again! At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we build and install fire features on commercial and residential properties, including custom-designed fire pits. With a fire pit designed specifically for your Oakdale, MN property, you can be sure that your property has the aesthetic qualities you’re looking for and the usefulness you need. Whether you’re looking to keep warm or you just want a relaxing place to spend your evenings, our fire pits will help you create a fire pit that will complement your property and meet all of your needs. Continue reading “Fire Pits Oakdale MN”