St Paul Outdoor Living Contractor

St Outdoor ContractorMaking the most of your home can sometimes be difficult, especially when you aren’t using your space the way that you’d like. For many homeowners, making use of outdoor living spaces often proves to be a challenge, either because there doesn’t seem to be enough space for what you may need or because you don’t know just how many options you have. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we want to help ensure that you can make the most of your property by enhancing and creating outdoor living spaces that are both functional and beautiful. If you’re struggling to decide what type of outdoor living feature you want to add to your home or can add to your home, our outdoor living contractors of St. Paul will help you with the design decisions by walking you through the possibilities for your property. If you’re interested in adding outdoor living features to your property, contact the landscaping and building professionals to begin your home improvement project.

Custom Deck Contractors

One of the services we provide here at Cedar Creek is custom deck design and building. If you think that adding a deck to your property would improve its usefulness or aesthetic appeal, we can talk to you about the various custom deck options we offer, including deck styles, sizes, layouts, materials, colors, and additional outdoor living features. With us, you’ll have the benefit of working with a deck contractor who will listen to what you want, let you take the lead on designing your own deck, and leave you with a finished product that’s better than you imagined.

Patio Builders

Building patios can be a simple process or a difficult process, especially depending on how many additional features you’re looking to add to your patio or how intricately designed you want your patio to be. Fortunately for you, our outdoor living contractors have years of experience creating patio landscapes, so we know how to not only design and build beautiful patios, we know how to complete custom patios quickly and without hassle.

Gazebo and Pergola Builders

Adding a gazebo or pergola to your home can add significantly to your property’s aesthetic as well as providing a useful space for you to use throughout the year. Creating both picturesque structures on your property and structures that can be used for outdoor entertaining, a custom gazebo or pergola may be just what you need to have a more functional and beautiful property.

Custom Outdoor Living Features

Whether you’re interested in adding a custom deck, gazebo, patio, or pergola to your property, you’ll have a wide range of customization options when you work with Cedar Creek. Because we are builders and landscapers, we know how to build functional and beautiful structures on your property, enhancing any space in any way you’d like. With our outdoor living features, you can add to any new outdoor living space easily and all at once without having to worry about restarting construction work again in the future. Our custom features for outdoor living spaces can include:

• Outdoor Kitchen Additions: An outdoor kitchen can be added to a deck or patio, helping to make your new outdoor living space more functional for entertaining and dining throughout the year. With a range of outdoor kitchen necessities and add-ons to choose from, you can decide how inclusive you want your outdoor kitchen to be. We install kitchens in outdoor living spaces that include grills, stovetops and ovens, tables, bar areas, refrigerators, sinks with running water, counters for food preparation, trash bins, and storage spaces like drawers, cabinets, and shelves.
• Water Features: If you’re looking to add to the aesthetic of your new outdoor living space, what better way than with an outdoor water feature? Water features are beautiful anywhere on a property, but when they’re used to accent an outdoor living space, they get more attention than they often do on properties without an outdoor living space. If you’re looking to make your custom space more interesting and unique, think about adding one of our custom water features, whether it be a fountain, waterfall, cascade, pond, or stream.
• Fire Features: It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; fire features make outdoor living spaces better! Whether you’re roasting marshmallows and hotdogs in the summer or staying warm in the winter, outdoor fire features can make any outdoor living space more useful and fun.

To begin working with one of our St. Paul outdoor living contractors at Cedar Creek Landscaping, contact us today at 651-324-8144. We’ll help you plan your outdoor living space, including all additional outdoor features to enhance your property’s appearance, use, and worth.

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