Retaining Wall Installation Contractor Cottage Grove, MN

Purpose of Retaining Walls

Retaining Wall Installation Contractor Cottage Grove, MNThe purpose of a retaining wall is often to protect the soil on both sides of the wall as well as plant life by holding the soil in its place. Retaining walls are ideal for yards with steep slopes, or for yards that slope downward toward sidewalks or the road. These walls can keep soil from eroding away over time and changing the overall composition and landscape of your yard.  Cedar Creek Landscaping specializes in designing and building retaining walls that are both functional as well as aesthetically appealing.  We can build a retaining wall for your property that is the right height, depth, length and material that will do its job and add visual appeal to your Cottage Grove, MN property.

Because the core function of a retaining wall is as important as the aesthetic appeal, it is always best to hire a contractor to design and build a retaining wall on your residential or commercial property.  The team at Cedar Creek Landscaping can do an assessment of your property and help you determine the wall specifications that you need in order to adequately protect your vulnerable soil. Do it yourself projects are difficult – especially when it involves building a retaining wall.  We offer our clients a free consultation and are happy to speak with you about your ideas as well as our recommendations for your property.

Experienced Retaining Wall Contractor

Cedar Creek Landscaping has been working with clients in the area for more than twenty years. Our goal for each job we take on is to provide the highest possible quality work with top notch customer service. One of the biggest compliments that we can receive from you is when you pass our information along to a friend, family member or neighbor.  Customer referrals have helped us build our reputation as a top landscape business.

Retaining Wall Design

Designing retaining walls allow our contractors to be creative – to help you turn your vision for your yard into a reality.  They can really allow your property to stand out visually, all while meeting the functional needs of your property.  Our team can help you determine the best size, shape and material for your retaining wall.  Retaining walls should be built to last and the crew at Cedar Creek Landscaping will install a retaining wall on your property that you can enjoy for many years to come. For more information or to speak with a member of our team, call 651-324-8144.

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