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Retaining Wall MNAs a general rule, DIY projects almost always take more time than expected. Especially if it’s your first time with that specific project you are working on. It’s good to keep this in mind and plan to spend a little more time then you first expected when planning to build your retaining wall. This is a learning experience and will take a lot of research and invested hours and days to learning how to build your first retaining wall. If you don’t necessarily feel the need to invest this much time into learning about this process you could always hire a professional who could do it in just a few short days, and Cedar Creek Landscaping can build your customized Retaining Wall Installation Company in Oakdale, MN.

Hire a Professional or DIY Retaining Walls?

The theory behind doing it yourself is that you will probably save money. You may or may not be surprised to find out that this is not always the case. The materials and tools that you’ll need to start up your project can be a bit pricey. Tools, time spent in learning about the project, buying material, obtaining permits, calling for locates, renting equipment and then actually building the retaining wall.  On the bright side, once you have these start up supplies you’ll have a lot of the cost locked in for your next go around. With that send you may find that it would be more cost and time effective to just hire a professional.

Building the retaining wall will cause you to sweat! It is a very labor-intensive project that, at the very minimum, requires digging a trench and lifting heavy block, rock or timbers. Considering the manpower you will need to be putting behind this, make sure your health and physical strength is up to par for this very intense project you are taking on. You don’t want to strain your body more than you need to, some people just aren’t built for this kind of work and that is something to consider.

Before you even get to the buying of the materials and tools and digging into the earth you should sit down and put a good amount of thought into the design of your retaining wall and what kinds of materials you would like to use. Is your retaining wall going to be straight or curved? Will you be integrating pillars, sitting walls, pathways or a patio? This may seem like daunting but dedicate a little time and research into the design and it will more than pay off for you through the process.

Retaining Wall Installation Company

We are a retaining wall installation company, that knows the ins and outs of the process and keep our customers priorities as number one. We know how to build retaining walls for both functionality and for beauty, and as a professional installer in the area, we know the codes and regulations for building on different properties.

Contact us at Cedar Creek Landscaping, to help you build your dream retaining wall! For more information about Cedar Creek Landscaping’s services call (651) 324-8144 , or visit our photo gallery to view pictures of our excellent work.

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