Retaining Wall Contractor near Me

Retaining walls can serve the basic purpose of strengthening an area of a property from erosion and collapse. And a retaining wall that is constructed by a company like ours—Cedar Creek Landscaping—adds aesthetic value to that property.

If you are ready to improve the appearance of your residential property and add new dimensions to outdoor living, we would be happy to talk with you about how we can make it a reality for you.

Quality Retaining Wall Installation Company

Just about anyone can arrange retaining wall bricks, but to build a retaining wall that will last a lifetime requires proper planning and skill in both construction and design. A good retaining wall should be beautiful, but beauty without strength and structural integrity could spell disaster. Our retaining walls are capable of withstanding the immense pressures that accompany the forces of gravity.

Primary Function of a Retaining Wall

A good retaining wall is a combination of beauty, simplicity, and strength. We install retaining walls on your property so that weather will have minimal impact over time and your retaining wall will do its job for the long haul. We understand the geological dynamics that cause settling and shifting of the landscape, and that is the kind of knowledge needed to build a retaining wall that will last. A new retaining wall can protect your soil from eroding away, ensure that your lawn is protected, keep your plant life healthy and prevent flower beds and trees from losing soil to a sloping terrain. The primary function of a retaining wall should be to stabilize your landscape and prevent slides, shifts, and other movements of the landscape. In some cases, shifting or settling earth can encroach upon a home’s foundation, and we want to make sure your home is protected. A solid retaining wall constructed by Cedar Creek would do just that.

Retaining Wall Contractor St Paul, MN

Our retaining walls are strong and aesthetically pleasing – we design custom retaining walls that will work for the unique aspects of your property. But arguably the best thing about working with us is that you can count on us to treat you fairly, kindly, and respectfully, and we will do our best to insure that the costs remain affordable for you. If you have been thinking about hiring a contractor to build a retaining wall, or if the retaining wall you have on your property now is in need of repair, contact Cedar Creek Landscaping at 651-324-8144.

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