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Are you not satisfied with the overall layout of your commercial or residential landscape? At Cedar Creek Landscaping, nothing makes us happier than adding functionality to an existing property. One way that our dedicated landscape experts accomplish this is by creating a retaining wall. As a retaining wall company, we listen to the issues that you are having and create a unique retaining wall that not only boosts functionality, but also enhances the overall look of your property as well.

Common Reasons to Invest in a Retaining Wall

The most common reason why homeowners or business owners invest in a retaining wall is to keep soil and rocks in place. That’s not the only reason, however. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, the other reasons that we get called to install a residential or commercial retaining wall is to accomplish the following:

Reduce Flooding – If your property is set on a steep hill, flooding may be a problem that frustrates you every time that it rains. Installing a retaining wall will help prevent future flooding as it creates a barrier between the flooded area and your corporate building or home.
Boost in Curb Appeal – Don’t underestimate how a professionally installed retaining wall can revitalize the look of your property. As an experienced retaining wall company, we offer our clients a wide range of styles and colors to choose from. Depending on your desires, we can help you blend in your retaining wall with the rest of your property, or we can have it stand out as a beautiful accent to your landscape.
Remove Slopes – Another reason why some of our clients invest in a retaining wall is to help a slope on your property disappear. Our retaining walls will reduce the slope and can even provide you with a new area that can be landscaped.

Custom Retaining Wall Options

At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we take pride in offering our clients custom retaining walls. Whether you’d like to incorporate a unique design, beautiful colors or a multi-level retaining wall, our dedicated installation staff has you covered.

To learn more about your residential or commercial retaining wall options, it’s time to get in touch with our staff. As your trusted retaining wall company, give Cedar Creek Landscaping a call at (651) 324-8144 or email to set up an appointment with our team where every angle of your potential project will be discussed in detail. If you home or business is located in St Paul, Minnesota we are ready to help.

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