Paver Patio Contractor South St Paul

Paver Patio Contractor South St PaulAdding a paver patio to your property can add functionality and style to your outdoor living space. What once was a small patch of grass can be a new area for hours of entertainment, outdoor dinners, and more! With the help of Cedar Creek Landscaping, you can build the patio you’ve always wanted, complete with the landscaping features that will make your patio uniquely yours. Our landscapers are capable of building vast and small structures, specializing in paver patios in a variety of styles to complement any residential or commercial property. Our Woodbury, St Paul and South St. Paul, MN paver patio contractors will work with you on your patio from start to finish, helping you choose the design and layout of your paver patio, the pavers you’ll use to create your perfect patio, and the landscaping features you’ll add to make it as functional and beautiful as possible.

Paver Patio Landscaping Additions

Like most landscaping features we build and install, paver patios have many uses and can therefore be upgraded and improved with a wide range of additional landscaping features. Whether you want a complete outdoor living structure added to your paver patio or you’re looking to add just a little more style and functionality to the space, you can’t go wrong with our add-on landscape features, including:

  • Custom Fire Pit PatioOutdoor kitchens, complete with refrigerators, stoves, counter spaces for preparing food, trash areas, storage cabinets and drawers, lighting fixtures, and anything you need to cook and entertain!
  • Gazebos and pergolas for those perfect outdoor photos or a shaded area to sit, eat, and relax out of the sun
  • Fire features, including in-ground and above-ground fire pits, and fireplaces
  • Water features like ponds, streams, waterfalls, cascades and aquatic gardens

Commercial and Residential Paver Patio Contractor

For both home and business owners, a patio can create opportunities for using a property in entirely new ways. You may find that you’ll use your paver patio for hosting dinner parties at home in your outdoor kitchen, as a walk-out for sitting outside during the summer months, a place for guests to gather and mingle while attending an event at your business… the possibilities are endless! At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we want to help make your property more functional and more beautiful with a paver patio of your design.

With the right team by your side, you can choose every element of your patio, from the pavers to the additional features. To begin planning your paver patio, contact our Woodbury, St Paul and South St. Paul, Minnesota landscaping contractors today at or (651) 324-8144. They’ll help you explore the possibilities of a paver patio, including possible paver materials and style, help you decide on a patio layout that makes sense for your space, and even install additional landscaping needs like matching paver walkways that lead from your patio to the rest of your property!

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