Patio and Landscape Design Contractor

Patio and Landscape Design ContractorLooking for a patio and landscape design contractor? At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we are your dedicated professionals that work to create breathtaking landscape views. Designing patio and landscapes since 2004, our team has experience in creating spaces that add value to your property and give you the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. If you are looking for a patio and landscape design contractor, look no further than Cedar Creek Landscaping.

Patio Design

With experience in both residential and commercial properties, Cedar Creek Landscaping is more than capable of creating a beautiful design to fit your needs both cosmetically and financially. If you are considering creating an outdoor space, nothing beats the luxury of a patio. Imagine sitting outside on a cool night, enjoying a night by the fire with a glass of wine and a good book. Or perhaps you are all about the entertainment factor when it comes to your patio. Imagine a fully stocked bar with a full kitchen and TV, making your patio the ultimate outdoor living space. No matter what your style may be, simple or grand, Cedar Creek Landscaping will listen to your patio wants and needs and design a patio that fits your style. We have experience in all different patio types ranging from natural stone to brick and concrete. We also have experience adding elements to your patio from water and fire features to an entire outdoor kitchen. Nothing is lost in translation when you are addressing your wants and needs with our professionals at Cedar Creek Landscaping.

Landscaping Design

What good is a beautiful patio without a gorgeous landscaped property to accompany it? Whether you just want to get a handle on the natural beauty of your existing yard or add outdoor structures to your property, Cedar Creek Landscaping has got you covered there too. Our professionals will sit down with you and discuss your wants. Many customers desiring a natural look will seek our design advice for plants and ways to maintain their natural areas. Boulder and retaining wall landscape additions are great ways to keep things natural while making them more aesthetically appealing. Others have asked for more outdoor living structures like water and fire features, gazebos, and outdoor entertainment areas.

No matter what your patio and landscaping needs may be, Cedar Creek Landscaping can help turn your outdoor living dreams into reality. For more information, give us a call today at Cedar Creek Landscaping. Contact us at (651) 324-8144 or send us an email at

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