Outdoor Living Structure Contractor

Erickson 1Home design and home improvement projects can be extensive, stressful undertakings. Especially when you move onto outdoor work, worrying about what types of outdoor living space you may have, what types of materials you’ll use on your property, and how you can use your available space to your advantage are all challenges you’ll encounter when looking into making outdoor improvements. Lucky for you, at Cedar Creek Landscaping, we want to help make designing an outdoor living space on your property easier and more enjoyable so that you don’t have to worry about how your property will look the way you want it; you just have to know that you want a change. Our outdoor living structure contractors work in Woodbury, St. Paul, and South St. Paul, MN to create beautiful outdoor living structures, helping homeowners all over have the homes they’ve always wanted.

Patio Builders

Paver Patio with Fire PitWhether you have a small amount of outdoor space available or a large yard to work with, our custom patio builders will work with you to create a patio that fits your needs and desires. We can offer you a variety of patio materials, working with you to determine your patio’s layout, size, style, color, and added features you may want to include.

Custom Deck Contractors

For many of the homeowners we work with, optimizing outdoor space is an important part of their decision to invest in new outdoor living structures. If you’re someone who wants a useful outdoor living structure that will be beautiful and useful in helping you entertain family or guests, a deck may be just what you need. We build decks using a range of materials, including wood and vinyl, and we’ll work with you to include any outdoor living features you’d like, including water features, fire features, and even full outdoor kitchens. Just like everything we’ll build on your property, a deck built by Cedar Creek will be custom-built and one-of-a-kind, which means that you can have whatever you want added to a deck that’s designed exactly the way you want.

Gazebo and Pergola Builders

In addition to building decks and patios with extensive outdoor feature options, we also build outdoor living structures like gazebos and pergolas, which generally take less time to plan and build because they’re simpler projects. If you’re interested in adding a gazebo or pergola to your home, whether it be to add a useful outdoor living space for entertaining or to simply enjoy your property a little more, our custom outdoor living contractors will build your structure to your specifications. To begin planning your home improvement project, contact Cedar Creek Landscaping today at 651-324-8144 or info@CedarCreekLandscaping.net. We work on outdoor living structures in Woodbury, St. Paul, and South St. Paul, Minnesota, helping to make homes more beautiful and useful by turning outdoor spaces into beautiful havens for enjoyment.

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