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Bar OutsideWining and dining with friends and family has always been one of the best ways to bring people together in any culture. It’s a time to share tradition and start new ones all in the name of good food and people. The aroma’s and laughter from nostalgia that anyone would sink into. In the last decade food is becoming more and more of a trend that people can’t get enough of and we are all loving it. It’s giving us the freedom to have fun and be creative with our meals while bringing out families and friends closer together. These fads keep evolving more and more to make our dinner an experience to remember. Outdoor kitchens are being spotted more and more and making our meals more lavish than ever. Why wouldn’t we want to cook outside and enjoy the best of all worlds. The breeze blowing all the great smells around, the birds chirping their beautiful songs, it really doesn’t get much more luxurious. You would never want to leave! Leave it to us at Cedar Creek to build you an outdoor kitchen in Roseville.

Because this is such a luxurious treat it may seem as if you need a pretty big budget to make this work, but you don’t! In fact, being thrifty and a DIY person is easier than ever now with all of the access to tutorials and decorating ideas. Here’s a list of what we put together to help your outdoor kitchen come to life.

Outdoor Kitchen Options Roseville

First things first, the grill. The grill is the foundation of your outdoor kitchen, after all, this is where the magic happens! Just as if you are cooking in your inside kitchen the cook always wants to still be involved with the guest, and I think we all know that the guest love to be around the food. So keep the grill close and used almost as the centerpiece to your outside kitchen. If you can afford it or have a few extra hands to help build your new kitchen, gathering stones and building a stone bar countertop is ideal for plenty of counterspace, food prep and serving space. If you really want to go all out you could get hands on and build a wood brick pizza oven which you can make almost anything in. 

Next on the list is an outdoor fire pit. Other than the obvious centerpiece, the food, the firepit is almost always hogging all the attention. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like with your fire pit and people will always be warm, cozy and content! Just like your grill or brick oven you want to keep the fire pit centrally located as one of the stars of your kitchen. This can and probably will also be used for cooking food every so often so let’s keep it close.

The infamous mini fridge is next on the list. What else is going to keep your crisp delicious beverages nice and chilled for you. This can go close to your grill and counter space, or if you are going to be putting a sink in your outdoor kitchen the mini fridge will go great next to some running water.

Lounge furniture! Everyone wants to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This is the final piece of your patio living puzzle. Once you’ve got a great workstation, fantastic food, and a roaring welcoming fire pit, now you just need to make your patio a cozy place for your guest to put their feet up and relax! And perhaps even take a nap after your delicious BBQ you just prepared and served.

Outdoor Kitchen Contractor

To help you get started on building your dream outdoor kitchen contact us at Cedar Creek Landscaping! For more information about Cedar Creek Landscaping’s services call (651) 324-8144 , or visit our photo gallery to view pictures of our excellent work.

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