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St Paul Outdoor Kitchen ContractorIt’s that moment when you feel like you’ve made it. Welcome to the good life! Welcome to the luxury of an outdoor kitchen. If you live in Woodbury, St. Paul, or South St. Paul, MN, and you are looking for an outdoor kitchen contractor, look no further than Cedar Creek Landscaping. We are ready to make your “you’ve made it” dreams come true today!

Welcome to the Oasis

If you’ve been wanting an outdoor kitchen for a while, quit daydreaming and start acting! Your dreams are actually within your reach. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we have an extremely talented staff of designers that can help you to create your perfect outdoor kitchen all within your budget. Then, our experienced installation specialists will make your ultimate dreams come true and build you that space you’ve been waiting for. Outdoor entertaining has become increasingly popular in Minnesota, so why not make your outdoor kitchen space the perfect entertaining option for you, your family and your friends!

Designer’s First Question: What are you looking for?

When you choose Cedar Creek Landscaping as your outdoor kitchen contractor, the first question we are going to ask is what exactly are you looking for? An outdoor kitchen can mean a lot of different things to different people. Having an idea of what you want in your outdoor space can help us determine a specific budget and a beautiful design plan. Below is a list of options that people commonly ask about for their outdoor kitchen space:
● Grills
● Stovetops
● Wood Fired Brick Pizza Ovens
● Built-in Tables
● Custom Bar Areas
● Refrigerator
● Sinks with Running Water
● Food Prep Counters
● Storage Space (Drawers, Shelves, Cabinets)
● Trash Bin Area
Once we have an idea of the things you “must have” and things that you want, we can begin the design process. We will take a look at your space and come up with a custom design option built for you. We have a variety of different materials to make outdoor kitchens. The most common are brick and natural stone, as it gives off a very elegant look. However, we also have experience working with reclaimed wood, manufactured brick, stucco, and so much more. Blending entertainment space between a kitchen and the outdoors is also a popular trend. Our team can lay out the perfect design for you as you cook steaks for a group of friends and enjoy a glass of wine, all in the comfort of your back yard.

If you are interested in finding an outdoor kitchen contractor, we have so much more to talk about. Serving Woodbury, St. Paul, and South St. Paul, MN, let Cedar Creek Landscaping create your backyard oasis that you can enjoy for many years to come. For more information, give us a call today at 651-324-8144.

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