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Image of completed landscapingAre you looking to enhance your lawn this year with beautiful new landscape designs? Have you been wanting to improve the aesthetic of your home and make your outdoor living space more functional?

One of the simplest ways to accomplish this is to incorporate carefully designed landscapes into your property, ensuring that you’re using the space effectively and have the opportunity to use property in the way that you’ve always wanted. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we can make this happen. Our landscaping design contractors service St. Paul, MN, helping home and business owners build new landscape structures, incorporate landscaping features into existing structures, and design beautiful gardens and pathways throughout properties.

Build Landscape Designs Around Outdoor Living Structures

When you begin designing the new landscape of your property, you’ll likely begin by thinking about whether you’ll be adding an outdoor living structure to your property. Perhaps you already have an outdoor living structure that you’d like to improve or replace. At Cedar Creek, we’ll help you get the structure you want and need to use your property to its fullest potential. The outdoor living structures we build include:

  • Patios
  • Custom Decks
  • Gazebos
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Pergolas

Water and Fire Features to Landscape Designs

For many property owners, simply adding an outdoor living structure isn’t enough to make their dream landscapes come to life. Sometimes it takes adding additional landscaping features to help property owners get the property they want, including fire features and water features.

Our fire features include:

  • Fireplaces
  • In-ground fire pits
  • Above-ground fire pits

Choose from the following water features, or combine several water features in one landscape!

  • Ponds
  • Aquatic gardens
  • Streams
  • Cascades
  • Waterfalls

Paver and Stone Landscape Additions

Do you want to add a walkway to your property to make it easier for you, your guests, or your customers to access? Are you trying to keep your grass more beautiful by building a distinctive path to your front door? Do you want a way to walk around your property at all times of the year without having to worry about a wet and muddy yard, snow, or otherwise? A paved or paving stone walkway may be just what you need. With pavers and natural stone, we can create patios, walk-outs, and walkways throughout your property. Let us know if you’re looking for a stone or paver landscape addition, and we’ll help you incorporate it into your landscape design!

Custom Landscape Design Company

Whether you’re looking for a simple landscape addition or a full landscape design with intricate new features and building projects, Cedar Creek Landscaping can help. Our landscape design contractors in St. Paul, Minnesota have experience building outdoor living structures, paver and stone walkways, installing landscape features, and more, helping all property owners, commercial and residential alike, have the exact property they desire. Contact us today at or (651) 324-8144 to schedule an appointment with our landscapers to begin designing your dream landscapes!

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