Landscaping Design Contractor Near Me

Image of Landscaping CompletedLooking for a landscaping design contractor near the St. Paul, Woodbury, or South St. Paul, MN area? Look no further than Cedar Creek Landscaping. We offer affordable landscape designs so that your home or business landscaping dreams can finally come to fruition. With over 12 years of landscaping experience in the area, our specialists have all the knowledge and expertise to deliver the outdoor space of your dreams.

Wide Array of Landscaping Services

We recognize that not every landscaping design needs to be a miraculous view. We handle every service, big or small, with the utmost respect and integrity for our clients. Our team of specialists will listen to your wants and needs, taking into account the layout of your property. Every service we perform is done with high-quality performance and quality craftsmanship. Our only goal is to help design and create the perfect outdoor space for your area. So whether that means you need simple lawn services or you want a large scale remodeling project for your entire property, we’ve got you covered. Our custom landscaping work includes:

  • Outdoor Living Spaces
  • Fire Features
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Patios and Walkways
  • Pergolas and Structures
    • Gazebos
    • Pergolas
  • Water Features
  • Custom Decks
  • Lawn Service Needs

Building a Space to Enjoy

Whether you have a set idea of how you would like your property to look or you just want someone to come in and incorporate particular features, our expert landscaping designers are the right team for the job. Our team of professionals will sit down and talk with you about your wants and needs. We will then take a look at your property and determine the best solutions for you. This is especially important for properties that may need retaining or boulder walls. These features help to keep the integrity of your property well and add a nice touch to the features of your property. While keeping your budget in mind, we will provide you with a beautiful landscape design, highlighting all of the features or requests you may have for your property. Landscaping projects in St Paul, Woodbury and South St Paul have never been so easy to complete.

Want to know more? To find more information about landscaping design near St Paul, Woodbury, and South St Paul, give us a call today. Call Cedar Creek Landscaping for all of your landscaping service needs at (651) 324-8144 or email and let us help you create the outdoor living space you have always wanted!

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