Landscape and Snow Plow Service St Paul

Landscape and Snow Plow Service St PaulAt Cedar Creek Landscaping, we take pride in being a landscaping contractor that provides excellent customer service for every job we complete. In addition to doing great landscaping work in the warmer months,we also provide snow plowing in the colder months. We have been successful in our business since 2004 because we demonstrate how much we value our customers and always work to be a reputable and professional contractor.

Year Round Landscaping Company

Landscape and Snow Plow Service St PaulOur landscaping work is wide-ranging. We can create water features, build outdoor kitchens, construct patios, and we will work with you to implement the landscaping plan that will have you loving the outdoor part of your home. Fundamentally, we can make your lawn healthy during the warmer months so that it can withstand the severity of the colder months.

We offer competitive pricing because we value your business and want you to trust the work we do and the promises we make to you. In the landscaping contractor business, abiding by the contract we sign with our customers is more than a legally binding document, it is a statement of our intent. And our intentions are to provide you with the best possible landscaping service, to communicate with you clearly, and to inspire your trust in us. We extend our intentions by offering year-round service. When the snow begins to pile up, you can count on us to plow it away. You no longer have to risk a back injury shoveling snow. You can count on us to clear your driveway and walkways for you.

Our work adds beauty to your home or business. The work we do helps your property make a good impression on visitors and all who pass by. We strive to meet all your expectations. If all you need is mowing, we will do a great job of mowing. If you need a more complex plan implemented, such as aerating, fertilizing, and maintenance, we will do a great job with that plan too. And if we earn your trust on smaller projects, we hope that you will entrust your larger outdoor construction projects to us.

Landscape and Snow Plow Service St Paul

The effort that we have put into establishing a positive reputation is paying off. We have been in business for almost a decade and a half, and in an economy where businesses fold all the time, our success is owed to our customers and our own effort to be excellent contractors. We are well qualified to perform the landscaping work you contract us to do, and when winter comes we will ensure that your property is cleared of snow as quickly as possible.

Give us a call at 651-324-8144 and we will be happy to talk with you more about our landscaping and snow plowing services.

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