Fire Feature Installation St. Paul

St Paul Outdoor ContractorNow that it’s spring, you’re probably looking forward to spending more time outside, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the weather that we’ve spent months waiting for. But with spring comes chilly evenings and breezy afternoons, which can make enjoying your time outside difficult – especially if you’re hoping to spend longer than ten minutes outside! If you’re someone who loves to sit outside but don’t feel like you’re prepared to make use of your outdoor space because of the brisk spring weather, maybe it’s time to start thinking about adding a fire feature to your property. With a fire feature, you can start enjoying those backyard dinners and late nights spent outside without having to worry about being too cold, and as an added bonus, you’re sure to find some way to use a new fire feature to entertain yourself and your guests for months on end! At Cedar Creek Landscaping, our St. Paul, MN fire feature landscapers will help you choose the perfect fireplace or fire pit for your property, helping you make the most of your yard for years to come.

Commercial and Residential Fire Feature Uses

If you’re wondering, “what exactly would I use a fire feature for?” you’re not alone; often times, home and business owners alike struggle to decide exactly how they’d want to use a fire feature. Will it be for social events? Will it be used to keep warm? Will it be used for cooking? Who should be able to use it? These are all important questions that will help determine how you’ll use your fire feature and therefore what type of fire feature you should choose. Commercial fire feature uses often include:

• Keeping guests warm at restaurants and other establishments with outdoor seating
• Entertaining new clients
• Hosting evening entertainment
• Providing a social space for employees
• Adding utility to an outdoor space

For residential properties, the uses of fire features often involve entertaining family and guests and making sure outdoor spaces can be used on colder evenings. We often install in-ground fire pits, raised fire pits, and fireplaces, all of which serve different purposes and are best for different properties. To decide which would be best for you, decide how you’ll be using your fire feature, what type of fire feature would be most useful, and which fire feature would be safe for everyone using your property.

Outdoor Living Spaces with Fire Features

One of the many landscaping services we provide is installing outdoor living spaces, including outdoor kitchens, decks, patios, gazebos, and more, which can be outfitted with a fire feature to add character and your outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re interested in adding a fire feature to an outdoor living space, building a new outdoor living space complete with a fire feature, or building a fire feature to stand along on your property, contact Cedar Creek Landscaping. Our St. Paul, Minnesota landscapers are here to help design and install your fire feature, so call us today at (651) 324-8144, or email or

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