Experienced Retaining Wall Installer Maplewood, MN

Retaining Wall Installer Maplewood, MNA beautifully designed retaining wall can be as functional as it is pleasing to the eye. Since most retaining walls are built to provide a specific structural purpose on the property, it is important that the retaining wall installer know exactly what they are doing. Knowing the Maplewood city code specified structural integrity requirements of the retaining wall could be one of the biggest factors to consider when choosing your installer. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, our experience as skilled retaining wall installers allows us to focus on the client’s wish list for design features that get noticed. We can often turn an unused are of the yard with a steep slope or hillside into an inviting, functional space.

Affordable Landscaping Solutions

Transforming a hillside that is prone to soil erosion into an attractive design feature can add value to a property. There are several different types of materials that can be used to engineer a sturdy retaining wall that can handle runoff and resolve drainage issues. When done properly, a retaining wall can be an affordable landscaping solution. Your landscape designer at Cedar Creek Landscaping may recommend any one of the following retaining wall building materials that are appropriate for both residential and commercial retaining wall structures.

Retaining Wall Building Material Options

  • Concrete Blocks
  • Stacked Stone
  • Interlocking Blocks
  • Wood Timbers
  • Natural Stone
  • Bricks

Professionally Designed & Engineered Retaining Walls

Professional engineering is highly recommended when building a large, heavy-duty retaining wall, especially if it is located on a difficult site. The wall must be sturdy enough to withstand an enormous amount of pressure. Drainage issues are a very common problem that must be addressed by an experienced retaining wall architect and installer. Multiple steps, tiers or curvatures can be added to alleviate the heavy load placed on the wall. As a bonus, these features can also add loads of character and curb appeal to a very functional retaining wall structure.

Experienced Retaining Wall Builders

If you are considering adding a valuable retaining wall on your property, make one call to Cedar Creek Landscaping. Our experience with planning, designing and engineering beautiful and functional retaining walls stands above the others. We build custom designed, structurally solid retaining walls using high quality materials. Properly installed retaining walls are appropriate for residential and commercial landscaping projects. They can be used as much as a pleasing design element as a structurally necessary component to solve a variety of problems on site.

To have a beautifully designed and built, quality retaining wall installed on your Maplewood, MN property call or email Cedar Creek Landscaping at (651) 324-8144. Or Email us at: cedarcreekls@hotmail.com

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