Easy & Affordable Outdoor Landscaping Services

St Outdoor ContractorAre you looking to spend more time outdoors this year on your property? Is the issue that you don’t have any usable space or that your yard is overgrown? Don’t be discouraged by the look of your property. All it needs is a little professional tender love and care from our dedicated landscaping crew at Cedar Creek Landscaping. Serving Woodbury, St. Paul & South St. Paul, MN, we’re committed to helping you gain pride in the look of your Minnesota property. What is great about our landscaping services is that they are effective and affordable!

Easy Ways We Can Help

Over the last 13 years, our landscaping team at Cedar Creek Landscaping has evolved into experts that offer diverse landscaping options to our customers. We love hearing your preferences and tying them into our landscape enhancements so that you have a personal touch to your property. The diverse landscaping services that we offer our customers include:
Lawn Service – Do you love a nice, green lawn with beautiful gardens, but don’t have the time to maintain it on your own? Let our lawn care specialists keep your grass healthy and your gardens full of color!
Social Outdoor Space – If you are a fan of hosting but don’t have anywhere to hang outside, our team has you covered. Let us help you create the perfect patio, gazebo, deck or pergola where you can host your guests with ease! These projects are customizable and easy to maintain once built.
Walkways – Adding a beautiful walkway to your landscape can completely change the look of your yard. This affordable option not only boosts the curb appeal of your home, but it can also boost the value of your home as well!
Outdoor Kitchens – Do you have a passion for cooking? Bring your culinary skills outdoors by investing in a custom outdoor kitchen for your property.
Fire Features – One relatively new landscaping option that is gaining popularity is utilizing fire features on your property. Let us create a space around a custom fire pit where you can spend time with family, friends or by yourself reflecting on your day.
Water Options – Looking for a dynamic way to utilize your space? Consider investing in a decorative fountain, waterfall, stream or pond. Our experts have installed water features for years.

At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we have a passion for helping properties across Woodbury, St. Paul & South St. Paul gain a little more flare. Seeing our customers out in the yard enjoying their recently landscaped property is what keeps us going each day! If you are in need of affordable landscaping enhancements for your property, give our team a call today at (651) 324-8144 or email info@CedarCreekLandscaping.net.

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