Landscape and Snow Plow Service St Paul

Landscape and Snow Plow Service St PaulAt Cedar Creek Landscaping, we take pride in being a landscaping contractor that provides excellent customer service for every job we complete. Continue reading “Landscape and Snow Plow Service St Paul”

Commercial Lawn Care Woodbury | Oakdale | South St Paul

Are you looking for a commercial landscape company in St. Paul, MN? Then you’re in the right place! At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we offer a variety of landscaping services, including lawn care services for commercial properties. For many business owners, having a well-maintained property is imperative for a successful business. Your business’s exterior should be as pristine and cared for as the business itself, and showing a strong outward appearance will help you send a message about the quality of your business overall. Continue reading “Commercial Lawn Care Woodbury | Oakdale | South St Paul”

Lawn Services St Paul MN

service1Taking care of your lawn is an important part of good landscaping, and that’s why at Cedar Creek Landscaping we provide lawn services in St. Paul, Woodbury and East St. Paul, Minnesota in addition to our wide range of landscaping services. Regardless of whether you have landscaping features that we’ve build or not, or whether you’re just looking for a reliable lawncare company, you can bet that Cedar Creek can give you exactly what you need. With more than twelve years of landscaping experience, our owner has not only gained experience building beautiful landscaping structures, he’s made it a priority to give his clients everything they need to keep their homes beautiful, healthy, and well-maintained. If this sounds like a service that you’d like to have at your disposal, contact us today to talk about our lawn services and options for regularly scheduled lawn care. Continue reading “Lawn Services St Paul MN”

Landscaping Company, St. Paul, MN

Landscaping Services MN LogoCedar Creek Landscaping has been serving the people of St. Paul, MN since 2004 and consistently provides all of our customers with exceptional landscaping, lawn care, water feature, outdoor kitchens, patios, and many other outdoor-oriented services.  In addition to those services, Cedar Creek Landscaping Services can also make your lawn healthy and keep it looking fresh and beautiful at all times of year when it is not covered by snow.  If you care about the look of your home and want to maximize your outdoor living experience, Cedar Creek Landscaping will offer you affordable prices on its wide array of services. Continue reading “Landscaping Company, St. Paul, MN”