Block Retaining Walls – Design & Installation

Image of a Block Retaining Wall After CompletionFor many property owners, installing a retaining wall on their property is a matter of necessity, not necessarily a matter of choice. But what you can choose is the style and design of your retaining wall no matter what use it’s going to serve. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, our landscaping contractors install retaining walls of all kinds, including a highly popular and functional retaining wall style: block retaining walls. If you’re looking for a classic retaining wall design that will serve as a functional way to protect your property from soil slides and add aesthetic appeal to your yard or business property, block retaining walls can give you exactly the character you’re looking to add. Offering block retaining wall installation in Woodbury, St Paul and South St. Paul, Minnesota, our experienced landscapers will help you start your home improvement projects off right this spring and summer with quality building materials, expert building, and professional service that’s unparalleled.

Block Retaining Wall Uses

If you’re looking to install a block retaining wall on your property, it’s important to know what the functional uses of bloc retaining walls actually are. If you’re not quite sold on block retaining wall structures, maybe taking a look at the possible uses could help you decide whether it’s right for you! Whatever you may want or need a retaining wall to accomplish on your property, many home and business owners find uses for block retaining walls for:

  • Outlining garden areas and flower beds to ensure water and soil are kept inside the perimeter of the retaining wall
  • Outlining trees, shrubs, and other plants to ensure that soil does not fall into other areas of your lawn and that your plant life get the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong
  • Deterring pets, wild animals, and children from entering specific areas in your yard or business property, including raised pool areas, vegetable and flower gardens, aquatic gardens, areas with fire features, and any other areas you’d like to keep “off limits”
  • Creating a beautiful scenery to accent or build space for other landscaping features, including gazebos and pergolas, water features like waterfalls and ponds, and more!
  • “Walling off” a yard or business property with a steep incline from the street, sidewalk, or driveway to prevent soil from slipping.
  • Outlining walkways or “walling off” sub-level walkways, including steps to basements and lower-level property access points

Commercial and Residential Block Retaining Wall Contractors

When you make the decision to install a block retaining wall on your property, regardless of how it’s going to be used or what additional landscaping features you might choose to add, be sure to work with a professional block retaining wall contractor that’s familiar with the needs of residential and commercial block retaining wall structures. At Cedar Creek Landscaping, our Woodbury, St Paul and South St. Paul, MN landscapers have worked on large and small projects, including block retaining walls, which means that we’re equipped to build any structure and landscape you need or want. To begin planning your block retaining wall, contact us today at or (651) 324-8144 today.

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