Backyard Waterfall Installation MN

Backyard Waterfall Installation MNWe all invest our time, energy, and money into improving our houses, searching for ways to bring our dream homes to life. We pick out furniture, paint the walls, and choose new siding and window shutters, but what usually gets left for last on our home improvement lists is the back yard. Do you ever look at your yard and feel as though there’s something missing – like it could have more character, like your house? With a new backyard waterfall, it can! At Cedar Creek Landscaping, we install water features of every kind, including waterfalls, which can be the perfect addition to any home that doesn’t feel quite complete. When you come to us for your backyard landscaping design needs, you can be sure that you’ll be working with a St. Paul, MN landscaping company that has years of experience helping homeowners build exactly the yards they want with our custom waterfalls and numerous backyard landscape features.

Custom Waterfalls for Your Home or Business

There’s something about waterfalls that everyone seems to love. We go hiking to find waterfalls, visit them as tourist destinations, and take countless photos of them even though, really, waterfalls usually look fairly similar to one another. It begs the question: why don’t more people just build waterfalls themselves? If you could have a waterfall in your back yard, would you? If you had a waterfall at your business, do you think it might attract new customers or keep your clients feeling like there’s something special about your business? As a landscaping company that designs and installs outdoor living spaces, we often find ourselves creating custom waterfall designs for home and business owners looking to bring a little bit of the beauty of nature to their property. At Cedar Creek, we’ll help you design a unique waterfall that fits your home or business perfectly and leaves your visitors feeling that they’ve seen a beautiful imitation of one of nature’s wonders.

Combination Water Feature Landscapes

When installing waterfalls at a home or business, particularly backyard waterfalls that have plenty of space around them, we often end up installing combination water feature landscapes. Water features can include waterfalls, but they can also include ponds, streams, fountains, and cascades, or a combination of any of these. When we install a waterfalls, it’s common to also install a pond at the base and even a stream that flows into the waterfall. If you’re looking for a more intricate waterfall, a landscape design that includes several connected water features could be exactly what you need to make your property feel complete. Whatever you decide, when it’s time to install your waterfall or water features at your home or business, trust in our St. Paul, MN landscapers to help you design a waterfall that will remind everyone why we travel so far just to lay eyes on one. Call Cedar Creek today at (651) 324-8144, or email us at or to find out how you can incorporate a waterfall into your property’s landscape.

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