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Water Features South St Paul MNAdd a fantastic water feature to your backyard with the help of Cedar Creek Landscaping. From beautiful rock waterfalls to elegant ponds, cascades and fountains, our design and landscaping team knows how to create every type of water feature you may want for your property. We have spent years learning how to incorporate water features into all types of landscaping projects and look forward to using this knowledge on your project.

Distinctive Water Features

Few things catch the eye like an elegant water feature, be it at the entrance of a business complex or nestled into your own cozy oasis in the backyard. Our goal is simply to help our customers create exquisite water features that are both soothing and remarkable. The design elements we incorporate for water features ensure that both home and business owners will get the look and value they want for their property.

Water features can add a soothing quality to any property while also giving it the aura of luxury. You can relax and impress at the same time. Our team is ready to help you figure out what type of feature will best fit your needs, budget, and property. Some of our most popular water features include:


  • Fountains
  • Ponds
  • Cascades
  • Waterfalls
  • Stream



Water Fountain Contractor South St Paul

Having a fountain installed is a fantastic addition to any outdoor landscaping. They are very common for both commercial and residential uses and come in many varieties and styles. Cedar Creek Landscaping installs countless types of fountains all around the South St Paul area. Whether you want a large, impressive fountain at the entrance to your office complex, something to make people go “wow,” we can do that. Or if you want something smaller for a backyard, we can do that, too. Fountains also work very well next to a front walk connecting the house to the sidewalk or as part of a garden landscape involving waterfalls, streams, ponds, and more. Give us a call to let us know what you are thinking regarding a new fountain installation. We are excited to work with you.

Pond Design South St Paul

Ponds can be installed as their own water feature or as part of other water features. You can have them just as they are, something to hold water and maybe put in a few lily pads, or they can be combined with other features, such as a collecting pond for a waterfall, the start or end point of a stream, or as part of a fountain or cascade. There are many choices and options when deciding to have a fountain installed, and our design team can walk you through all of them so that you get exactly the image that’s in your mind.

Cascade Installation South St Paul

Cascades can come in many forms from tall, vertical features that take up a rather small square foot imprint to wide, sloping cascades. they look remarkable outside a corporate headquarters and soothing in a green, backyard setting. Regardless of where you want a cascade water feature for your property, the design and installation experts Cedar Creek Landscaping will ensure that it is beautiful and installed properly so that it will last a long time.

Waterfall Contractor South St Paul

Waterfalls provide a peacefulness to an area. The sound of water gently falling can be relaxing and healing. We design and install waterfalls for properties all around the South St Paul area. No matter if you have a business complex or a private backyard, our design team will come up with the perfect waterfall to fit your existing area.

Stream Design South St Paul

A stream winding through your yard can be beautiful. You can keep it strictly in the backyard or front yard, or have it move between the two, connecting them. Cedar Creek Landscaping will design and install a stream so that it is appealing, functional, and long lasting. Give us a call today to get started.

Water Features Contractor South St Paul

Contact Cedar Creek Landscaping to discuss your water feature project for your home or business today. Our team provides exceptional services to customers living throughout the South St Paul, Minnesota area. We look forward to providing you with the water feature that you have in mind.

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